5 Best Natural Grass for Dogs

Having a dog lights up the mood in every home. Of course, you want your dog to have regular play and exercise in your yard. However, if your lawn is exposed to elements like dog feces, urine, digging, and rough play, your lawn will show signs of damage sooner or later. You may notice uneven patches, bald spots, or muddy surfaces. This can be terrifying and frustrating at firsts, but there are ways to prevent this from happening.

You don’t need to deal with the aftermath of a damaged lawn if you carefully choose which natural grass works best for you. Although, you can shift to pet turf or artificial turf. However, these options are not for everyone.

To give you some options, we listed the five most commonly used natural grass by dog owners:


Zoysia can tolerate drought and is sturdy enough to deal with your pet’s rough play every day. However, it may take several years for its deep roots to solidify, but the strength and durability it offers is incomparable. Zoysia grows in warmer climates and can withstand infrequent watering and high heat.


If you live in a tropical warm climate, Bermuda is a great choice! It can resist stress, rough play, and heals quickly. It is one of the most commonly used grass among pet owners.


Centipede grass can strive in moderate shade and extreme heat. It requires minimal upkeep as well. It can grow quickly under the different degrees of the sun. however, it doesn’t grow in imperfect weather conditions because centipede grass is sensitive to alkaline soil.

Perennial Ryegrass

If you live in cooler climates, you might want to consider getting a Perennial Ryegrass. It remains sturdy and has a strong roots system. It heals and regenerates quickly and can grow whatever the season it is. But, Perennial Ryegrass requires fertilising and watering to maintain its appearance.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This is popular among pet owners because of its ability to grow and regenerate quickly in different climates.

Is Grass Safe for Dogs?

Natural grass is a safe place for your dog to run and play in. it’s soft and doesn’t hurt your dog’s paws. However, natural grass could be dangerous if it’s being treated with fertilisers or pesticides regularly, they can ingest it.

A healthier and safer option if you have pets is artificial grass. However, we understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Choosing the perfect type of natural grass and maintaining it will make it safer for your pets.


To prevent lawn damage, choose grass that is resistant to traffic, be it natural or artificial grass. You can also set up fencing to establish a specific area for your dog to run around and play in. Always maintain a healthy lawn with watering schedules and proper fertiliser.

Here at Werribee Landscaping, we have a large selection of natural and artificial turf. We guarantee that we only use high-quality turf to ensure that it will last for many years. Our team is experienced and skilled in laying turf.


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