Selecting the Best Wood For Your Pergola

A pergola is a truly convenient type of structure to have on your outdoor space given how it can either be attached or unattached. With a range of options in styles and materials, there are is no small amount of choices you can make with a pergola. While there are different style advantages with a pergola though, the best way to last it as long as it can is to pick the right material.

For something both versatile and durable, wood is a good option to select. However, when selecting wood for a pergola, you’ll find that the are different types of woods that you can select from. Depending on what kind of landscape you have, there are different woods with different factors that can help determine what would fit best for you.

Wood Types for Pergolas

Whatever structure you choose to have made with wood, there are different types that can be selected. With pergolas, the following wood types are some of the top choices that you can make for it:

Pressure Treated

A type of wood that where it is placed under a vacuum and preservatives are pushed into the wood. If you are leaning more towards a functional pergola rather than a stylish one, this is a good wood to have for it.

More than being durable and affordable, you can have this wood treated by spraying it with a copper-based pesticide which is used as an insect repellent and makes the wood rot-resistant. The main downside with pressure treated wood is that when left untreated, this type of wood weathers faster and gets easily damaged during the cold and wet seasons.

Red Cedar/Redwood

This type of wood features a natural amber colour with a natural resistance to rot and insects plus the ability to withstand harsh weather. As an all-natural wood, it is light to install and easy to sand but when left untreated, will turn to a silvery grey over time. A way to help with this is to add paints or stains to it to preserve the colour or to have it any colour you want.


Tropical wood is considered one of the more ideal wood to use for any exterior projects and has variations including mahogany, teak, and rosewood. Style-wise, you have the option to stain this material to your preferred colour or leave it natural, which would eventually weather down to a brownish silver colour. A con of this material though is that they are harder to locate and can cost double or triple than the other kinds.

Douglas Fir

Having a douglas fir type of wood for your pergola can work well if your area is prone to strong gusts of winds, thunderstorms, and/or earthquakes. What’s more, it has a high density which can excellently hold nails and plates.

However, out of the different types of woods you can choose for your pergola, this type requires high maintenance. It’s low in natural appeal so and tends to be moist in this state, so you’ll need to sand and paint it several times. This wood is also one of the lesser durable ones to select so you will need to constantly check for rot or insect damage.


Out of the different wood types that you can select from, modified wood is the easiest to maintain due to it not requiring treatments and being water-resistant. The wood generally has a non-toxic bio-based liquid that makes it thicker thus making it more durable. With these different features, a modified wood pergola would work best near the coast or in locations that experience wet and humid weather.

Why Consider Werribee Landscaping For Your Pergola

Given the different types of quality wood that you can select for your pergola, the best fitting wood ultimately falls on what would stand well in your landscape and meets your pergola needs. If you are unsure what type of pergola would work well with your outdoor space, you will want to have a professional service group assist you.

One professional service that you will want on your list is Werribee Landscaping. Werribee Landscaping is a professional service that can offer you a range of options and reliable consultation for all pergola needs. With this team, you can be assured of having the best fitting wood picked for your pergola.


When it comes to outdoor space structures, a pergola is one of the more versatile types of structure to select with a variety of designs and materials. If you are looking to have a wooden pergola installed though, there are some woods that are more durable and others more stylistic. With these different options and benefits in mind, you will want to consider a professional service team like Werribee Landscaping. Whatever wood you may choose, choosing the one that fits the best can ensure a hassle-free installation and a long-lasting structure.


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