Tips on Stormproofing Your Patio

When it comes to structures that you can have applied to your outdoor space, there are a number of options and different materials that you can choose from to make it as durable as possible. Not only that but there is also plenty of maintenance tips that can help in prolonging their top state. However, no matter what structure you decide on and what maintenance it goes through, the biggest issue that can cause damage to your outdoor space is storms, especially for patios.

As one of the structures that can be more exposed than others, a patio can end up being hit with plenty of impact from a storm if one is not careful. Just like with your household and property, there are multiple tips to help prepare and prevent any damage to your patio.

How to Prepare

Preparing an outdoor structure like a patio for a storm situation can be done in several different ways but some of the more important things that you will want to have done are as follows:

Secure Furnishings and Structure

The first things that you will want to have dealt with are any furnishings and decorations that you may have added to your patio. In severe storms, high winds can toss heavy equipment and branches through the air and cause serious injuries/damages.

You have the option to store them in a safe area but for any heavier outdoor items that cannot be brought inside, they must be tied down or anchored in some way. While nailing down any features on a patio may not fully prevent damages like dents or cracks, it can help mitigate things to reduce any heavy costs.

Enclose Openings/Cover it Up

Patios, in general, are built without walls and windows so they can end up vulnerable to strong winds and such if one is not careful. The best way to help prevent any storm elements from affecting the structure too badly is to consider either a patio enclosure or have a covering installed.

A patio enclosure can be done in different ways including screen rooms, fabric drop curtains, and sunrooms. Coverings on the other hand take the form of a pergola or other roof-style structure. Awnings offer a flexible form of coverage that can be retracted on a sunny day and put back when the skies turn grey

Prepare Ahead

While ensuring that your patio is protected makes for important points to check of first, one of the best ways to help minimize any damage that may be inflicted by any type of storm is with proper preparation. From trimming your trees to turning off both your irrigation and power, there are plenty that can be done in terms of preparing before a storm hits. It can also help to check on other options to help fortify your patio for further preparation.

Why Have Werribee Landscaping Help You

There are plenty of ways you can have your patio prepared for any storm situation. If you are interested in additional features that can help protect your patio, you will want to consider a professional service group to assist you. Werribee Landscaping is one such service you will want to refer to. By having Werribee Landscaping to assist you, you can gain a team of knowledgeable and experienced contractors who can deliver functional and efficient results. Whatever your patio may require, you can be assured Werribee Landscaping will meet them.


A patio can be a convenient structure to have for your outdoor space but it can also be rather vulnerable to harsher elements like storms. Though this may be the case, there are also different tips that can help in protecting your patio and mitigate any damages it may end up facing. Whether it be securing the furniture to having it covered, there are plenty of options to help your patio with any storm.


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