Why and How to Keep Your Turf From Smelling

Having a turf on your property can be both a convenient and visually appealing option for your property. For areas that are prone to different conditions including pets and shifting weathers, it would be best to go for artificial types of turf. Synthetic turf can be beneficial in different ways but like any other material, it can have its downsides. One downside with artificial turf, especially when having pets on the property is that it can end up gaining an order after a period of time.

Why Does Artificial Grass Smell

There are different reasons that your artificial turf can end up gaining an odour. Generally, it is due to the accumulation of different elements which can be any of the following:

High Heat

If you find yourself with a cheaper or less than a top-quality type of artificial turf, it may end up being highly affected by overexposure to heat. When too much heat is accumulated into this less than durable turf, it can result in it ending up with the smell of a burned tire over time. This is why it is best to consult with a professional service group on quality but budget-friendly turf to avoid this issue.

Accumulated Dirt

This may not seem like the biggest problem for your landscape, but turf with accumulated dirt plus other items can be a pitfall. For households that have children, there can be a tendency of turf and dirt being played with and different items being left around. If you leave them alone for too long or miss out on cleaning maintenance, it can result in a poor smell.


By far the biggest culprit to intense turf odour would be pets and the waste that they leave behind. Turf and lawns are essentially a pet’s playground and given that synthetic turf does not always have drainage, there are high chances of leftover residue that was not fully washed off. Aside from this, the residue can also cause decomposition of the turf if one is not careful.

How to Prevent Turf Odour

A general solution to turf odour is to have the material washed with water. If this does not work, you also have the option to go for either homemade or artificial turf cleaner. The former mainly involves a mixture of soap and water, vinegar and water, or sprinkling baking soda. As for the latter, it can be a product that is non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable artificial glass cleaner that is safe to use both inside and outside your home.

What Referring to Werribee Landscaping Can Do For You

There are different ways that you can care for your turf and different points you can note to avoid. By having a professional service group like Werribee Landscaping, however, you can be guaranteed a team of professionals that can help provide quality options for your landscaping needs. Whether you are in need of a quality replacement for your turf or wish to consult a specialist on the best options on caring for your turf, you can look to Werribee Landscaping to assist you.


There are different pros and cons that come with having artificial turf on your property. One of the more notable pitfalls of this feature is the odour it can gain from different accumulated elements. These elements can include heat, dirt, but mostly pet residue. When it comes to preventing any odour from accumulating, proper cleaning with the right solutions can be the best option for your turf.


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